ByPolar ElectriX

With life, as with many things, balance is the prime solution sought. Experience finds that not all things come balanced easily. This balance can sometimes be fine tuned into an art form or it comes from persistence and chance. These may fall into general forms. In music, I find both Soft Rock, Blues, and Jazz type tunes and (my past standard) Hard Rock & Progressive Rock tunes coming from the muse these days. So have setup the compilation of songs segregated into two main sections, Lighter Songs and harder hitting Rock Songs.


The songs links are set to go direct to your MP3 player (Media Player, iTunes, etc) and stream the song rather that requiring downloads. Also set link to play all the tunes, puts them into the queue, so don't have to click each individually.


Hope you Enjoy!  If do, drop a short email on tunes you liked, etc.



Page for the Softer songs

Page for the Rock songs

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